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December 13, 2005


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Rilla is a -10,000? I admit, it DOES have an awfully girly cover, if you've got one of those Bantam paperbacks. But I do love that book. I hope he gets into it, book #8 in the series aside.

You do have an interesting day -- always something different!

Anyone else see irony in fighting over art supplies for a picture of Our Lady? Maybe it's her influence that made the 8yo apologize. :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Hi Jamie-

I like hearing about your life! Homeschooling interests me, and I hope to be able do so one day. Hence:

My boyfriend: "Some people go out to dinner and a movie. We went to a homeschooling conference."

He should be so lucky.

You'll know more about the historicity of the Christmas truce, but your mention of it made me think of the Garth Brooks song "Belleau Wood." Not sure if it's entirely accurate, but try here.

That was a cool idea to incorporate the Rilla book. I erally liked hearing about a daily routine for homeschooling, since it's not something I grew up with. Thanks again!


I went to public school, and as far as I recall we spent the two weeks before Christmas break watching secularized holiday films. I don't remember learning a single thing.

As a young girl I didn't like Rilla - so much war, too sad - but when I reread it at sixteen, I suddenly loved it, and have read it many times since. It's a coming-of-age story, of course, so sixteen was the perfect age to read it. The Blythe family's experience has colored my view of WWI; I always think of them sitting there at home, patient and scared.

Michael's Card's album Unveiled Hope is a really great boiling-down of the book of Revelation. He's a Protestant, but with a sacramental touch. Let me know if you'd like to hear it - I'll burn a copy and send it to you.

Rilla is a good choice for WWI. Can't wait to hear what else your son says about it.

Collin Raye has a good song about that Christmas truce as well. It's called It Could Happen Again

Here's a snippet:

Through the smoke filled night silence rose from both sides
Across a bloody battlefield
It was a cold Christmas Eve in 1914
To those who were there, it seemed unreal
As time was still the spirit moved the soldiers
To lay down their arms and raise their voice in song
And pretend for a while the war was over

If it could happened then, it could happen again
A world torn apart could join hands and hearts
To celebrate his birth and peace on this Earth
If for one magic night we could find again a reason not to fight
Maybe there's a chance; This time it might last.

Oh! I just figured out what "LMK" means!

Your post was not boring. Silly!

Very interesting, keep it up!
I'm Mommy to a 2.5 y.o and looking foward to homeschooling. It's hard to picture, but your blog helps Thanks!

Not boring at all, even if it's making me long to homeschool again. But no, not for us right now. sigh.

LOVE Rilla - favorite book of the anne series and can definitely be read on its own with out reading 1-7. though I'm with Alex on this one - out of order?? ack. My sense of order is slightly offended (too bad that my sense of order only extends to the order of books...)

And whoa, did ya know there is a song at one of the links. And I didn't realize that the last person on the computer had put the speakers WAY up. And oh, that's not your fault, but my ears are still ringing.

But I liked the song too.

Not boring... please, more!

Occasional reader, who was homeschooled several years ago, here.
Find it fascinating, not boring at all. Please more.

Your blog is inspirational, actually. Your faith is, anyway. I found your blog by accident, and it has sort of led me to think about God again. I lost my faith 6 years ago, because of childhood abuse and cynicism from so many hypocritical Christians around me.
Your blog has led me to question some of the conclusions I came to back then, and to see, for the first time in years what I consider to be true Christianity. Because your life is normal, but faithfilled.
I'm not sure I'm explaining this clearly.
I've found you inspirational, anyway. Thank you.

See, now I'm going to have to take that innocent little 'LMK' as an invitation to ask about all the things that didn't make it in to this post, and then you'll be sorry... So what do you do with the little ones when the three of you are studying? And this sounds very relaxed and going with the flow, but you mention last week's Latin - do you have a schedule? a routine? a plan for each day/each week/each hour? And when on earth do you manage to plan out what gets done tomorrow?
...Well, I did say you were going to regret opening the door there. Feel free to ignore me and my wilful misreading of your question and I'll slink away quietly.

Jamie, I always enjoy your blog, no matter the subject. I don't homeschool nor am I Catholic, but still find your life and thoughts interesting, inspiring, and uplifting.

I think I'll buy that CD set of carols -- the Amazon reviews are tantalizing! Thanks for the link!

Wow, thank you, everybody! I will write more about hsing soon. Catherine, if you see this comment would you drop me an email?

Definitely not boring. I read blogs so I can get a little view in other peoples lives. I love posts where people walk through their days!

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