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December 07, 2005


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Happy Birthday to one lucky man.
That was beautiful, an excellent example of why I read your blog.

What a beautiful list.

What a wonderful testament to your love for and appreciation of your husband. This was beautiful.
Happy Birthday Elwood!

Beautiful, Jamie. What a wonderful man.

Can I send my husband over to play Axis and Allies with yours? I refuse to play so I admire your ability to sit through even 2 hours of that.

What a great list - I could see Elwood just now. He has always impressed me with how great he is with the boys - and how much he obviously loves you.

Happy birthday to Elwood :-)

Awesome...simply awesome!

Oh and I get a little too keyed up about Scrabble, though, and see it as a moral failing if I score less than 325 points. He secretly thinks this is ridiculous. Anyone knows the moral failing threshold is 350.

Now I know we're long lost best buds! When can you come to El Paso?!

Very sweet, and obviously the result of reflection. it seems reflection is the precursor to gratitude, and you did a marvelous job both of reflecting and being grateful. I love the "love is sweeter when it is ripe than when it is green." Soooo true!

What a lovely post!

(Popping over from your comment on Joss's B4B entry...Hi!)

Oh my, Jamie. What a hunk you've got there. Seriously. Awesome post. Happy belated birthday to your sweetie!

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