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October 01, 2005


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YES, Jamie, yes!
The only single thing worse than sorting your own family's clothes is having your mother rope you in to sorting your siblings' clothes. Oh, and switching the regular dishes for the Passover dishes (ugh); take my word for that one.

I know I mentioned before that I also have four boys. I know *exactly* what you are talking about. Exactly.

The next worse thing might be discovering, as I did this week, that you were apparently on drugs when boxing up your child's outgrown clothes, as they are now scattered around the storage unit, with newborn sizes in several boxes and the next baby enough on the way that the last thing you want to do is sort through boxes. Oh, and to make it more exciting, i live in a place without clear cut seasons, and haven't yet lived here a year, so have no idea how cold or warm it will be next month when the baby is born. Good times.


As I have one two-year old son and another baby of unknown gender on the way, I am currently unpacking all the stored baby clothes and putting them in newly emptied drawers and closets. HOWEVER, I am not unpacking the BOY stuff yet until Baby Nuevo arrives and shows itself to be truly Nuevo and not Nueva. So the boy stuff is sitting in the 0-3, 3-6 month storage boxes which are in the middle of the nursery. Gag.

And this is the Man-Cub's fist year where he will have a seasonal clothes change instead of simply out growing his old clothes. He can still wear the 18-24 month stuff he wore last winter and some of the new 24 month clothes we got him for this winter. So he now has TWO crates in his closet--the 18-24 month to toss outgrown clothes into as he grows and the 24mo/2T crate to pull clothes from as he gets bigger. Gawd!

My mom had it too easy--two children, one boy, one girl, no storage.

And take your time on the email. The Man-Cub is only two so we're not hitting the literacy training real hard yet. :)

Oh, my, yes. Especially the thing about the tags. I've got 2 boys and 2 more on the way any day now, and I cannot even count the number of unlabeled Rubbermaid containers and tagless clothes we just went through to find the pile of newborn boys clothes which has, apparently, dwindled pathetically over the years. Or we're missing more Rubbermaid containers. Or I was indeed on drugs when I labeled the ones that are left. Otherwise we may be forced to dress one of the babies in his big sister's old pink sleepers...

before you cut the tags, take a sharpie and write the size somewhere on the clothing. It helps.
I was blessed when I had all 6 at home that we lived in California - no seasonal clothing, really. We just sorted by size and gave away lots.....
After baby # 5 I gave away almost everything, and of course, 5 years later I needed it all again.
How long do you keep baby stuff until you decide to give it away? After baby #6, I decided that I would not totally go baby-stuff free until after menopause. It's been nearly 17 years since we had a baby in the house, and I still have some onesies hiding in my underwear drawer.

Brownies, please!

I remember sorting clothes as a kid. They were never organized when we pulled them out again, no matter how careful we were the season before.


Sorting and keeping each kids clothing in season is a full time job, and it's one that I despise.

Love cool weather, though.

Ugh. Clothes. I am "Organizationally Challenged" to start. One of our moves was between my first two babies. The guy who packed up the room with those neatly packed and marked grocery bags (great minds think alike? I'd be honored!) decided that *each* bag needed to be opened and dumped into one big box. I didn't find out about it until quite some time after we arrived. It actually took me years to release the anger at that guy. Years. And I am not a particularly angry person.

I was hoping that this fifth child of mine might be a boy because then I could get rid of all of the girl clothes (which are much more abundant than my boys' clothes ever were). She's a girl, but I think I'm going to get rid of all of the newborn stuff for both sexes.

I am thinking that most of the baby clothes are about to go the way of the zillions of socks. I'm getting rid of them, but to a good home. I see so much cute stuff at thrift shops and buying overstocks online doesn't cost all that much. These clothes are causing me misery and I think replacement newborn onesies three years from now are a small price to pay.

You're right...everyone should have the problems that we have!

And of course there is the proven scientific fact that switching out the clothes is the best way to bring on an unseasonable heat wave... but moving on to more important matters...

thfirt... we must define it! Sounds somewhat biological to me, like a certain kind of flatulence.

Or it could be a new gourmet recipe... a quiche or a casserole whose filling is delicately flavored with the crunchy piquance of... baked crickets!

I only have the one son Jamie, my other two are girls and I love handing on all his out grown clothes to my cousin for her younget of 4 boys but I do chuck out the ones that have worn out or become too shabby before I pass them on. When my dear friend gives me her next consignment of her hand me down boys clothers for my son, then I clear out all his drawers for my cousin. So I don't have the p[roblem of storing and soritng for the next one. Thanks to my friend all I have had to get are a best outfit and boots, slippers and sandals. Praise God for hand me downs and kind friends

You must be in a part of the country that actually has seasons. Here in TX, we have summer, winter, and a vague smattering of the other two seasons. It usually flips back and forth several times between summer and winter, so you never really know when you're going to need your warm clothes.

Oh, yeah.

I hate The Great Clothing Seasonal/Size Transfer, and am saddened to learn that it doesn't get easier to manage. Just the other day I said to Brian "You don't realize how much it takes just to manage their CLOTHES!"

Brownie recipe? Delicious?

Wow. I needed a laugh, and so I am very glad I clicked over to your blog DESPITE the fact that I should be doing dishes and we are going camping in the morning. I have been angst-ifying about clothing myself lately, what with all my attempts to clothe our entire family functionally (and hopefully remotely fashionably)on second-hand stuff.

Very very bad me. But it was fun. And Pete *is* delicious.

I used to suffer a bit through this, though I only had a boy and a girl when I had to deal with the seasonal change. With the boy being older, I did save clothes for her - for creeks and camping, and general stuff.

But now, the seasons just kind of run together here. The seasons are "too hot", "just right", and "a bit chilly". And other than shorts, we can wear most of the clothing year round. So I don't put things away anymore, except for a sweatshirts bin.

I don't miss doing the seasonal change, that's for sure. The only thing I miss about it was the opportunity to weed out too small clothing. Now I have to set a date to do that once in a while!

Other than that, I'll say YES!!!

and kudos to your husband. And great idea from one of your commenters on using a permanent marker on the clothing before removing the tag. I could have used that advice before (also have children who like me to take tags off - though they've improved somewhat).

But THEN you find all the pieces that you missed and don't have time to put them where they go so you eventually end up with 2 laundry baskets full of outgrown, outgrowing and otherwise too small clothes - but no 'home' for them... and to give them a home you have to RE-DO the hated clothes sorting. By the time I get around to this we will have a new baby and I will be starting from square one (if it is a boy).

I hate the clothes, I hate them!

Well, it looks pretty unanimous...we all sound like that organic Herbal Essence commercial that makes us turn the channel...YES, JAMIE, YES!!

This blog cracks me up.

I remember trying to do this stuff-I have nine children, most grown and gone now.
However after a while, when many of them were young, I just had two of those old fashioned large wooden playpens in the laundry room (which was on the 2nd floor near the bedrooms, thank God.) One was for dirty clothes, the other for clean ones. I certainly knew whose clothes were whose and my babysitter when I was going to nursing school, who grew up in a family of 7 children (and now has 9 herself, by the way) figured it out in a few days as well. Dressers? A good place for paper and crayons and toys with small parts!
My own and my husband's clothes did make it to dressers and closets.
As they got older, any kids who wanted their clothes kept separate, who wanted to make sure they got that particular pair of socks back, etc, learned to do his laundry himself. This usually occurred at about age 10.

Your level of organization awes me! But if you ever find, as your family increases, that you can't keep it up, believe me, they will survive and their lives won't be ruined.
Susan F Peterson

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