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August 16, 2005


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It's wonderful that things are going well for you and your kids back at school. I hope things keep going this way for you.

All the best,
Jennifer (expecting my first this November)

I hope things keep up--at least with the schooling. If your kids keep complementing you at that rate, I'd check to see if they're secretly conducting science experiments in the basement.

What a great day for you! And no one deserves it more!

What a wonderful day! Congratulations!

I do so enjoy reading your blog. And it's such a pleasing start to my day to begin it after such a lovely story. Take care.

Thank you for sharing such a lovely day. I'm a new reader but I just love your writing and the stories you share. I really appreciate the way your faith is so easily woven into your whole life.

You know, after the week I've been having it was refreshing to hear about your good day. Better days are ahead!

And I will say that I am surprised to hear you don't always get enthusiastic feedback from the dinner table. I made your Kid Friendly Green Pasta Garlic whatever sauce and it was so good! My 22 mo old son couldn't get enough garbanzos! AND greens!!! Yea!

Aw, nice to get some validation, isn't it? Ben went through a phase where he thanked me for everything. "Thanks for washing my pajamas, mom!" "Thanks for coming to get me [from preschool]!"

I've been wanting to add home made pizza to the rotation for a while now. I want to find a good whole wheat crust.

Now THAT is a wonderful post. And why is it not ok to celebrate the good days? Rock on with your bad self and enjoy them when they are offered up (that includes bloggin 'em). Cheers!

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