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June 23, 2005


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Hmmmmmmmm. I love garlic, yes, I do. that looks yummmmmmmmy. of course, at this point in my current existance, everything looks yummy. but I really do love garlic.

oh heavens that sounds good. Must try. Clicked on the link to where you found the recipe, and read the story of how her hubby went out for a bike ride and was killed..... so very sad. And she put up a tribute page that was very very touching.

I want to say the Silver palate Cookbook has a garlic and dried apricot recipe that I remember vividly.... it had an amazingly high number of garlic cloves in it....

We eat a lot of garlic. I don't know how people cook without garlic. I read about ramps in an edible wildfoods cookbook but they don't grow here in the NW. I've always wanted to try them because they sounded a lot more intense than garlic-at least by the disciption in the book.

Brilliant!:Anti-Binaca, for the woman who can't say no. Tuck it in your purse before you go to that frat party. Comes in Fetid Anchovy, Rankest Roquefort, and the time-tested Allium Overload.)

it sounds like a pesto. moreso if you use fresh basil. mmmm

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