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May 27, 2005


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You do look on top of the world - and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

As always, so eloquent... you brought tears to my eyes. What you speak of is what draws me toward my dream of being a midwife and exactly what I have felt about my own midwife. Birth IS an honor, on both sides. I have a peaceful feeling after reading... thank you for the inspiration.

I had tears in my eyes as I read this, too. Reading your blog has made me really look forward to being a mother someday.

What a wonderful post, I, too, had tears in my eyes reading it. Beautiful picture.

12 1/2 years since my "baby" was born, and that picture makes me taste it again. Bless you!

This post brought tears to my eyes, it was beautiful.

Wow, I can't believe you looked so good after giving birth. You look so peaceful and in love. I looked like a huge cow.

Of course it was an honor to be there with you.

This paragraph

"And it made me think again about the paradox of birth. From what St. Paul calls my "less presentable parts," along with all the flushable stuff, have come my greatest treasures. The most physically demanding work I have ever done has opened the door for the most spiritually demanding work I have ever done, work that is fitting me for heaven. The most intense pain I have yet experienced has yielded to the richest joy I will know until the last great passage. On that day, too, I hope to see a Face -- deeply beloved and heretofore hidden."

is one of the best things I've ever read.

Oh, I'm just crying reading this.

I have always had a midwife attend my births. There is such a bond with that person, forever. This was such a great bit of writing. I truly enjoyed it!!

Don't shortsell yourself, it *is* sparkling prose!

Thank you again for another heart-rendingly beautiful look into your life.

You are truly a phenomenal woman.

What a great post and a beautiful picture!

Beautiful post, beautiful picture. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birth experience. And, that mucuous line really cracked me up :)

Oh, I also wanted to tell you that I was feeling sorry for myself because my husband's out tonight so I'm on my own all day. And I am HUGE. But, after reading your pregnancy/moving story? I realize I'm just being a big wimp. :) You're amazing, I'm so glad everything worked out in the end.

I could swear that I recognize that face (the midwife one). arghh. I wish that I were better with names and faces!

I'm a certified nurse midwife contemplating doing home births, and this certainly makes me lean toward yes. Great writing! Love the picture! From Michigan...regards.

This is why I am studying to be a midwife. Thank you for sharing your story.

"An honor? To follow me around as I crawled on the floor mooing? To wipe up the blood and mucus and excrement? An honor? But I thought more about it, and realized that she was the person who first saw my little guy's face. She shared in one of the best moments of our marriage. She listened in as we got acquainted with the baby we had waited eagerly to meet."

What a wonderful story! I truly wish more women were able to give birth in a place where they feel safe, comfortable, at home. But the TRUTH of the matter is, in the US, this really isn't available to many women. The AMA and ACOG has our hands tied, and unless women STAND UP and be counted, tell their legislators, tell their doctors, tell the PRESIDENT, what we all want, and NEED, midwifery and midwives in the US will be illegal or even more limited than today!

I really enjoyed reading your story! This is whay I want to be a midwife - inspiring women like you!

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