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May 02, 2005


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Beautiful, just beautiful. Your story has moved me to tears.

Jamie, your story is inspirational. Admittedly, you inspire me quite often, with the way that you weave your faith into your life, but I'd never imagined the power of opening your heart to God while birthing. Thank you.

Oh, Jamie - these words are vivid enough. I know what you mean though - there aren't words enough for that miraculous moment. The first time you hold your baby, still warm and still connected to you. It's incredible.

blessings and prayers and more blessings for you, your husband and your sons.

I am coming up to one year since my last birth, and your beautiful words brought all the wonder back to me. I am sorry the "with one push" didn't happen, sort of. I mean, your story is beautiful, wise, and real. Every birth is as unique as the person born. God Bless!

Oh, so beautiful. And I like what you said about the "clean pain". It's true. Though reading your story I'm remembering when my son was born and I'm starting to get a little nervous about my next lying-in.

But so beautiful. I can only wish for every woman to have such a wonderful moment at the birth of her children.

you've brought me to tears once again! Such a beautiful birth, and so wonderfully told. Isn't it funny how our minds keep going with all sorts of analysis and strategy even though we are totally focused on the physical? And the blend of thinking, and feeling, and vocalizing, and pushing, and, and, and...and there is a new person! Incredible. What a blessing!

Lovely story... lovely birth! Like many others, you have moved me to tears too. Thanks for sharing.

wonderfully described - it brings back memories. it is hard to be a midwife giving birth, let me tell you. I kept running scenarios in my brain, just as you describe for yourself. During my last birth 16+ years ago I remember verbally coaching myself during the contractions.
Sounds like you did a great job and had just the right people there for your birth. Enjoy that sweet baby smell. I miss it so much.................

:sweet sigh:
What a beautiful story, thank you for taking the time to share it, and so well. It's amazing that thousands of miles away, years seperating, I can so visualize many of those moments myself. It's amazing that birth connects so many of us. Enjoy your sweet one.

Oh, that was all just too sweet!!
I'm so glad nice people like you blog!

What a beautiful, wonderful birth story! Yes, welcome to the world little one!!!

Very inspirational. I wish more moms could experience a birth like this.

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