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May 23, 2005


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You rock!

1 TBS Milk
2 yolks
3 whites

Preheat oven to 425 degrees Farenheit.

Melt the chocolate over a double boiler (though I do this step in the microwave . . .) with milk and sugar, stir frequently. When smooth remove from heat and add yolks, stir until entirely incorporated and set aside. Whip egg whites until peaks form. Add 1/3 whites to chocolate mixture and fold. Repeat until all combined. Gently place in a souffle or buttered corningware dish and bake in a PREHEATED oven for 15 minutes. Serve immediately. Fruit coulis and some berries on the side make it look really especial, but unneccessary.

You can also freeze uncooked souffles and defrost and bake with no ill effect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great post!

There was a whole comment that preceded that, but it got eaten. . .

I made a hickory smoked cheese souffle for my husband when his wisdom teeth were out and it turned out to be the perfect food for the poor guy. far better than broth and tea . . .

My sister married a Frenchman hailing from the south of France, but alas she does not like to cook. Whenever they come it is to my unending pleasure to make beautiful loaves of brioche, souffles, and crepes until every pot, pan, and plate is covered with some white sauce, hollandaise, custard, or best of all mousse . . . the butter flows when they come and it is my favorite time.

The above is part of the chocolate souffle that we make whenever, but especially when they are here:

Add 7 oz bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate and 2 TBS sugar to the above recipe and then it will make sense.

Oh yay, another Jamie cooking post! I love these. You always inspire me to cook, something I've been less-than-inspired to do lately.

I made what was basically a souffle on Saturday, except it was supposed to be an omelet. The recipe said to beat the egg whites to soft peaks then add in the yolks, which I did, but it resulted in the fluffiest omelet I've ever seen. Quite yummy just the same!

Soufflicient? Again, I declare you to be brilliant :)

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