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April 13, 2005


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I wanted to offer you some encouragment about your homeschooling year. I wanted to say that you've had a lot of big changes happening in your life during the last year (duh, right?) with the baby, the move, having your huband's schedule change so much (maybe?), etc. I was wondering if your oldest son's behavior with schooling is a reflection of those changes. Maybe he'll settle down now that things are getting more settled for your family?

Anyway, I know you feel sad about the idea of sending him to public school, but I thought that waiting a while for things to settle into a new routine might help. He may adjust out of it.

I'm sure you've thought of this yourself, but I thought I'd throw it out there. :)

You are right, Sarah. It doesn't make it easier in the moment, but you're right.

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