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April 30, 2005


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You have no idea who I am but I've been following your journal since Feb. (it was linked in a post on a midwifery site because of your outstanding eloquence and humor re: birth topics) and I have to say a huge congratulations on your baby... I'm dying to hear the rest of the story about your labor and delivery when you get a chance. Thank you for sharing all that you do (to some strangers as well), I have absolutely loved your journal and continue to read it weekly (with Gladly on my bookmark bar). : ) Many best wishes for you and your new baby!

As soon as you got to the part about, "I needed the boys to go," I knew where you were headed. That happened to me with baby #5. Cranky, irritated me decided I wasn't going to sit around and be uncomfortable all day. I was going to Border's. My mom convinced me to stop by the midwife's office first, and I found out I was 8 cm. Needless to say, it was a while before I got to Border's. I love birth stories, and so far, your's sounds very encouraging!

Yes! I found the side-lying position quite unbearable as well. I had to get up and sit up for my contractions. But I DID lay down and rest in-between contractions. I think that helped a lot.

Also, I can't imagine the peace and patience that must be a part of your character for you to think that snapping at your family a couple of times is a big deal, at least under the circumstances. :)

I like to tell my ladies to ignore their contractions until the contractions demand their attention. Sounds like you figured that part out this time!
I could see where this was going about the time you got really cranky in the tub. I was thinking "The midwife will get there and tell her she's 8 cm and she's going to freak". I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of the story. Aren't you glad you had your midwife instead of Dr. Crunchy?

BTW, Perpetua and Felicity were both married and moms - one give birth while imprisoned, the other had a nursing baby about whom she was worried. http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/perpetua.html
has the story in their own words.

I'm just so happy for you that it was so gentle.

Can't wait to hear about the pushing.

I love birth stories!

I am another who has discovered that I prefer to be upright in labor - but until my third was born, I didn't get to experience that. So much easier to handle the contractions and move with it.

So wonderful to read these words - and wow - 8 cm at that point already! wow!!!

Looking forward to reading more. Give that sweet baby a few kisses from us.

Oh, I'm so glad to read of it. I'll make the same silly comment my then-childless sister made when she heard of my first baby, "I'm glad it was so easy for you!" Its not easy, but it is good, eh?

Thank you so much for giving us the news so quickly afterwards. I've been drooling(happily), waiting for all the bits of the story.

...early waiting for the rest of this exciting story!!!

Talk about cliffhangers! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Thanks for taking the time and energy to update the blog, and do give that sweet little head (!) a nuzzle from me.

Hee! I laughed out loud when you wrote of not listening to your uterus...I had about eight hours of saying "lalalalalala I can't HEAR you!" to my own, just a few hours before my second daughter was born.

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!

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