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February 07, 2005


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I just wanted to say this post is fabulous. I wish I had read this when my babies were smaller, or even before they were born. Love the mama bear vs. sheep metaphor. I'm proud to say I'm quite the mama bear now. I just wish we hadn't been through so much bad medical advice on the path to beardom.

I'm a nurse who has absolutely no difficulty advocating for my patients. I have found wonderful ways to communicate my observations and ideas to physicians and NP's that have been highly effective. But when it comes to myself or my kids, I often have trouble finding that balance. I wonder if it's just the image that we are raised with. Through the lense of a nurse, I have no problem interacting with the rest of the health care team. As a mom, I have a really hard time with it.

Recently my baby had a UTI. The Dr. (whom I like) wanted her to go to the childrens hospital and have a cystogram. I knew that she'd had a bad case of diarrhea before becoming infected. So finding E.Coli in her urine wasn't a huge shock for me. Since she's never had another UTI, I didn't see a reason for a cystogram, though I would be willing if they were to become recurrent. But I was amazed at what difficulty I had articulating this idea.

I wonder if I'll ever really learn to integrate my many identities, but it's nice to know that other people have struggled with this and learned. Thanks!

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