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February 27, 2005


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That's an amazing story Jamie. I probably said this after the last time you wrote about this, but it's still true. We really ought to start tithing again, but I still have a hard time with it. We have so little to spare as it is, if we were to tithe away 10%, we'd have so little spare cash each month. And yet, you write of receiving back. Which makes me think maybe it would be okay. But then I realize that if I tithe simply because we might get something in return to match or exceed what we gave, I realize that I would be tithing to test God, and I would likely get nothing in return. The giving must come from the heart, even if a reluctant heart!

I'll share this story anonymously for reasons that will become apparent!! First I want to encourage you to start a journal and record the times that God's provision amazes you. Then you can look back on it as a family when you are struggling with tithing. Sometimes when we have these amazing experiences of giving and receiving, we think that we won't forget them, but we do.

Our most amazing story: let me first say we're not wealthy people. Neither of us pull in (or pulled in, in my case) a great deal of money salary-wise. But we started out with a nest egg due to a death in my husband's family when he was younger. This nest egg was guarded for him by his parents, and was a decent size when we married. At one point I began to pray that he would be convicted to tithe from it -- he had not previously done so, mostly because it was Never Touched For Any Reason. Well, long story short, God moved his heart, and we gave away $10,000. (And I repeat, we are not wealthy.) Would you believe that a few months later, Someone *completely* out of the blue sent us a check for $10,000?? Our jaws dropped. Amazing.

We give with much less hesitation ever since....not because we expect God to give back every penny. Because that's not the case, and it's a poor motivation. But we have many examples in our history (though none quite as dramatic as the $10,000!) that confirm to us that God is so faithful will provide whatever we need. We know it in or heads...but how amazing it is when He knocks our socks off like that.

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