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February 13, 2005


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What an amazing post. You convey so much of the spectrum of feeling about mothering, nursing, loving. And you do it so well, with such subtlety and grace. Thank you from the bottom of this tandem-nursing mother's heart.

I bet it was a great party. :)

I have to remember not to read your stuff while at work... I had to slap my hand over my mouth to stop myself from sobbing. My toddler is weaning and I am pregnant and I am so full of emotion...

Thank you.

What a touching post. I've got tears in my eyes after reading it. You paint such vivid pictures with your words!

So beautiful. And exactly how I felt when I discovered that El Chico was a boy. So shocked, but so in love.

My middle daughter D is so much like your Marty - marches to s different drummer, oh my yes! She's 22 now, nearly 23. Alas, she was one who never liked nursing, so we didn't have that to help us to be connected - she weaned at 10 months after a rocky start to nursing (sucking disorder) and a traumatic birth (shoulder dystocia). You are so blessed that Marty continued to nurse and was able to make his own decision that it was time to wean.
D's elder brother is the one I was so sure was a girl that I didn't have a name chosen. When the midwife told me "it's a boy" my first comment was "you're kidding, you have to be kidding" - and then we had to decide what to name him, as Alma Mariposa wouldn't do it at all!
If you ever find a buttonectomist, please let me know!

What a wonderful post. I have a child who sounds in many ways a lot like your son, but unfortunately or fortunately, he is my oldest. While I did nurse him until he was 13 months old and thought I was letting him wean himself, I see now that I had a heavy hand in the process, and have always wondered if his personality wouldn't have been a bit less rocky if there hadn't been the screaming nights when I tried to let him cry it out in his crib instead of letting him nurse and sleep with us like he wanted to. I think about how much easier it would have been with him if I had done things the way I am doing them now with his little brother, my third child, who is still nursing at 22 months and shows very little sign of stopping anytime soon. This child's personality is different than my oldest, but how much of that is due to my change in parenting I wonder?

Anyway, I thought I would say that I am glad you are writing about things like this.

I hadn't been back since I read you were "quitting" for Lent and I was so disappointed, but I'm so glad I stopped by. You have a very special child there and you are very lucky to recognize it.

Just stumbled on your blog. What a beautiful entry! Thank you.

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