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January 28, 2005


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It's not so much the toes as it is the ears. . .

I've seen patients with Raynauds of the nipples/areolae. As an LC, do you have any hints? I have suggested those hotpack glove inserts....
Oh, I highly recommend getting an independant inspection of any house prior to purchase. But that 1913 house sounds wonderful - my big concern with older houses is heating costs. That is one thing I learned the first year we lived in NH, where we leased a 100 y/o 3 story VIctorian and spent $600 one January just on heating. BRRR.

Alicia, there are some treatment options for breastfeeding moms with Raynaud's at the bottom of this page, and here is a story from a mother who dealt successfully with Raynaud's herself.

I hear you on the heating costs. The 1910 building we live in now is far from cheap to heat. I am hoping that the new windows in the PCT house will make a difference.

Loved the line about paying the plumber. As we're going into Day 6 of not having running water in our house thanks to DIY plumbing efforts, that one really hit home. Even with that minor tribulation, I still heartily endorse homeownership. I'm excited for you.

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