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December 14, 2004


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Interesting about the lead (and everything else). We live in an area where manganese is dumped into the air. It is more powerful neurotoxin than lead.

The children in this area consistantly score lower on standardized tests than a very similar community that is 60 miles to the west of us. We match up with age, income, education, but our kids are clearly less intelligent. How much of this has to do with the pollution in the area?

We keep being told that the levels of pollution in this area are not any big deal, but it scares me.

One thing I don't know is the rate of breastfeeding here versus there. That would be an interesting study, I think!

Wow! Thanks for this great post! I really enjoy reading about your thoughts and research on breastfeeding. Keep it up!

Excellent post! There's a lot to think about here. Methinks I should not have sold my copy of Having Faith on Amazon before reading it. (During pregnancy of course, as I was afraid it would give me an stroke from the stress of thinking about all that stuff!)

Earlier this year, I read in Organic Style that kids who eat organic produce, as opposed to chemically-grown, have a six times lower chemical body burden than children who don't.

This has been a great encouragement to me, and really makes our $20 a week box for organic produce delivered seem worth while. (www.tcforganics.com)

Boy, what a roveting and informational blog post. Thank you so much for writing it and to whomever (I forget now) for linking to you in Leery Polyp's comments so I could read this, too. I have re-read it three times and am composing a blog entry on it myself because it is something I have thought about before, as well - being organic and clean-living obsessed as I have recently become. I hope you don;t mind all of my references to you and my quotes of this entry.

I am so going out to get Having Faith to traumatize myself with (I am pregnant too!).

Thank you again.

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