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December 07, 2004


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Of course they did not publish your letters. Why would they want diversity of opinion? Or something that contradicts their gospel? I have to say that the comment "Who am I, as a lay person, to question" is downright scary. People need to take responsibility for their own health and ask. And demand, when necessary.

I was so incensed at that VBAC article. They barely gave three words to the idea that VBACs are only more dangerous if labor is induced. (And never bothered to mention that a woman having her first baby receiving pit induction has a greater chance of uterine rupture than a woman doing a VBAC with no induction. And that 85% of first-time mothers in this country receive pit at some point in their labors.)

And did they even think about bringing up the fact that many many doctors in this country won't perform more than three c-sections on a woman *because it's too dangerous*. So what happens if you get pregnant a fourth time? Are you forced to abort?

Thank you for writing to the Times, even if it feels like putting a drop of red food coloring into the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of dying it pink.

The Times has gone so far into la-la land that it's astonishing anyone reads it any longer. My step-grandfather, who subscribed to them for fifty years, actually discontinued his subscription this year because of how outrageous they've gotten. Alas, he didn't write them to say why a fifty-year subscriber had finally lost patience with their institution.

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