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December 01, 2004


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Every time my four-year-old tells me that something is int-ster-ding or that she wants to go to a rastronaut for lunch, I just drink it in. I don't really look forward to the days when she gets it all right, even though I know command of the language will serve her well.

And the baby....how do I pick one thing? Or two or four or six? It's all so precious and I find myself wanting to bottle her up so I can take her sixteen-month-old self out and savor her when she's not quite as endearing...perhaps when she's three?

I guess my favorite would have to be when she lays her head on my shoulder and says, "weep-bee" ...she's my sweet pea, all right. Gah, I think I am going to cry now.

When Molly was about 2 years old she would trill "happy me, oh la la" over and over again, and it filled my heart with joy; this child who had been so miserable in her first year, who I had taken so long to bond with, who was so inarticulate in so many ways, was singing with light-hearted abandon. Molly has developed into an exceptionally caring and giving child, and her simple chorus at 2 was my first glimpse into her emotional richness.

Caroline used to ask me to play my target when she meant my guitar. :-) Right now she talks about going to "little gell school" (little girl school) and I don't want that to go away.

Stephen used to say "tza-tza" for red. I'm not sure how he got that in his head. He couldn't say "R" sounds, so "grape" for example sounded like "geep." One day we took him to a local ice cream stand and while we waited in line, he remembered that we'd come there the summer before. He started getting very excited, but having very little vocabulary at that point, he couldn't say what he was thinking, just bounced in our arms. Then someone walked by with a sundae that had a maraschino cherry on top, and he stammered out, "Tza-tza geep!" ("red grape!")

I'm trying to write down the little kidisms now because I know how quickly I forget them and how much I regret it afterward.

My 2.5 yo says "b"s for "f"s - and it is so darn cute.

"Mama, I hurt my binger!"


"This is BUN!"

The one that I'm going to miss most of all is "lello" for "yellow." El Chico has always had pronunciation and articulation a little ahead of the other kids, so his mispronunciations stand out even more. My other favorite is "insteresting," misused to mean "interested." "I'm insteresting in reading that book with you, Mama."

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