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November 30, 2004


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You just make me laugh, you know?
Thanks a lot!

Welcome home! Glad you survived the outback. Sounds like it was a decent family getaway. My schoolteacher family members usually only say "Are you still homeschooling?" and then move on to other topics. These are the same people who always regaled me with tales of how uneducated their students were when they got them. I guess they are afraid I might recall that and toss it back at them. Actually though, I am lucky that most of my family is supportive. I think even the schoolteachers are....at least they say so occasionally.

I love your taxonomical comparisons. I am interested in the vegetarian haggis recipe, if and when.
Glad your family survived the visit. I had a fairly lonely Thanksgiving.

Welcome back! Sounds like a decent Thanksgiving, overall!

Alicia, I did find the recipe here. I use ordinary rolled oats and whiz them in the food processor with the nuts before toasting them in the skillet. I substitute some butter for vegetarian suet since I don't know of a way to get vegetarian suet without mail-ordering it from the UK. I do buy Marmite (yeast extract) from Whole Foods, mostly to add to vegetarian dishes like this one because it adds such a nice depth of flavor.

Sorry about the lonely Thanksgiving -- were you working?

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