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October 16, 2004


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congrats! the IBCLC stuff is tough, according to my friends who have done it. Me, I never bothered - I can handle the simple breasfeeding issues, but I rely on the experts for the tough stuff.
However - I do have a few bones to pick. Why are so many IBCLCs gadget queens? Between shields, pumps, and SNS sets, many moms get convinced that breastfeeding is just too hard. What most of the moms really need is someone to tell them that they are doing a good job and that what they are experiencing is within the range of normal - save the gadgets for the ladies with real problems like NICU babies, breast reduction, truly inverted nipples, etc.
I am frustrated right now because a mom I just attended put the baby to breast exactly once, and it 'hurt' - so she is giving the baby formula which 'she likes a lot better'. give me a break. culture wars again.

Congratulations! I am duly impressed. Alicia, I'm sad to hear about that mom. Some people are just unaware of how important BF truly is. I have been through BF hell over that past 2 years and I am still going, simply because I know what a miraculous substance my milk is, and how valuable the bonding is for my children.

Oh, and if anyone want to do pro bono lactation consulting, I am all ears. Fix us please!


Yeah, I was using a shield for weeks with my first and the LC seemed satisfied but I wasn't. I just felt weird about it and the potential for supply problems validated that. (That son never did gain quickly, and this one's so chubby I caught a glimpse of him this morning that honestly reminded me of Esther Rolle.) But it was trying the SNS one time that actually helped get my son to suck without the shield on. I don't remember exactly why that would have worked, but it was my determination to nurse normally (and God's grace) and not the LC's suggestion that got us to even try something different.

Breastfeeding gadgets deserve a post of their own. Will try to get it written soon.

Thanks for the good wishes!

Hey, congratulations on passing the exam! That must've been a lot of work.
I think I'll try that recipe too.
Kim C.

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