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September 24, 2004


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We get mice in the house every year at about this time, too. Vince recently spotted on on the stairs, and he was manly enough to catch it in an empty cardboard box. He didn't tell me what he did with it afterwards....

I already knew about mice getting into the oven. Did you know they can get in the dishwasher, too? At least they can get into my crappy dishwasher. A few years ago, I opened the dishwasher right after it ran a cycle and I was greeted with the sight of a stiff mouse tail jutting out of an impossibly tiny opening on the inside of the door. We had to take apart the dishwasher door to get the dead mouse out. Oh, it was a horror. That might have been the moment that I started desperately wanting to get rid of that old dishwasher. Yuk. There's also nothing like running the dishwasher at night, then opening it the next morning and finding mouse turds on your supposedly-clean dishes.

I feel you. KILL THEM. If they want to live, they can just go back outside. It's their choice.

I almost developed a fondness for the house mouse we (my mother and I) had over the summer of 1994, even though I spent the first day or so after spotting it hiding in my bedroom. We just spent so long sharing quarters and I started to realize it was not out to get me, although it may have unintentionally harbored disease or something. One time the mouse and I both sort of stayed frozen in the kitchen, apparently too afraid of each other to move. I was wielding a broom, but was still afraid. I did feel kind of bad for it when I learned that the poison it eventually succumbed to (with some help from my mother and probably that same broom as it tried to make it across the living room in its death throes) didn't just knock it out and let it die in its sleep.

Time to GET A CAT! We had an infestation of mice in our kitchen and pantry last winter. It was disgusting. I found one dead under a pile of unfolded clothes once. (He saw the neverending laundry stack and decided life was no longer worth living, I guess. Some days I don't blame him).

The last straw was when my dh cleaned out the pantry. He had already killed over 20 mice by then. (Our landlady was having the building appraised, so we figured we had better) He said it was the grossest thing he had ever done, and promptly proclaimed we were getting a cat on his next day off. So, my cousin called and told us of a wonderful cat that needed a home. We got him just when my husband had said. (Providential, no?) and have had no mouse problems ever since.

Oh, and we had to talk our landlady into it, but she is fine now. (saves her getting an exterminator)

Good luck!

Y'all are giving me the shudders and making me laugh at the same time. In the dishwasher?? More than 20?? La la la I'm just going to assume that we have pathetic feeble mice, collectively running for the woods right now, quaking at the thought of me and my cast iron skillet (and my bait cookies). Mama Owl, I admire your sympathy for one of God's creatures but I cannot emulate it.

Tiffany, today was laundry catch-up day and I laughed to myself about your mouse who lost the will to live. I cannot get a cat because my husband and my oldest son are allergic to them, but if the mice took note of the laundry piles around here before this evening, they are in the Slough of Despond right now. Here's hoping the Slough of Despond is like a less messy glue trap from which they will never emerge.

All that a cat does is limit where the mice hang out. We have 4 cats, one of whom is indeed a mighty hunter. I've never seen a live mouse in the house, but I see the mouse trail in an up cupboard (the one where we keep the plastic bags of catnip and cat treats - where they can't get to them!). In my house in California, I once opened the drawer where I kept my kitchen linens, and found a mama mouse with a full nest of babies. I admit that I shreiked and carried the drawer outside, dumping the contents (towels, washcloths and all) on the dirt in front of the dog. That was when I decided that the long overdue kitchen renovation was being pushed to the top of the list. I tore out all the base cabinets and found the mouse's entry hole behind the sink cabinet. I found that all the insulation in the stove had been chewed and shredded, and so we ended up replacing that stove. Once we had done all the kitchen repairs and replacements, we had no more trouble with mice.
BTW - I have found that the only re-eusable food containers that mice are stopped by are glass jars with tightly sealing lids, and Tupperware brand storage containers. Food is also safe from mice in the fridge/freezer and in the microwave. I have had them chew through the cheap plastic containers, and definitely through plastic bags.
MY husband is also constantly battling mice at the transmission sites for the radio station. It is warm in those buildings, and mice love to shred and use the fiberglass insulation.

Rats are more revolting. Mice I can handle and bang on the head but rat killing a male job and what husbands are for. We had a rat family up in our roof and as husband is the male killing them and getting rid of their horrible bodies is his job. Thank god for ratsack.
We now have 3 cats and our old greay puss is the one to kill the rats. Cats are worth their weight in gold where vermin are concerned.

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