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September 20, 2004


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No different point of view here, I agree! I am very lucky to have an OB that is really a midwife in disguise, who was completely open to all the non-mainstream preferences we have had for our births. If I didn't, I'd be at home in a heartbeat! Sounds like it was an awe-some experience for you, and I hope and pray that you have the same outcome next time!

warm regards, TiaKay

Your blog is just so well-written and smart. I really enjoy reading it and am always happy when there's a new post!

It is a lot easier to support a mom for a normal birth at home than in the hospital. Moms in the hospital really need a lot to overcome the atmosphere so they can birth normally. Both home and hospital are safe - or as safe as life gets - but they each have unique benefits and risks.
I work in a hospital. I attended home births for 2 years. I had 2 of my 6 children at home. Part of what makes the difference is not only the place but the people.

I'm on the fence for this one. I can see the benefits of a home birth and would love to have one when it is my turn. My family, however, has a very strong history of difficult pregnancies, labors, deliveries and even sick babies, so I see the benefit of hospital deliveries. I'm not trying to scare you, so I won't go into details. Bottom line is you need to do what you feel is right for you and the baby. And if that means giving birth upside down from a hot-air balloon, go for it!

I think it sounds lovely. I wish I were confident enough to try it. My son was born at 32 weeks, so obviously it wasn't even an option.

I wish every woman could have such a wonderful birth as the one you describe, wherever she births her baby.

TiaKay, love the "midwife in disguise" label.

Amy, <blushing> so glad you're enjoying the blog.

Alicia, how about a post sometime on how you decided to switch from home to hospital births?

Phillybeth, you're absolutely right that you have to feel comfortable with your decision about your birth place. I would never argue that anyone should have a home birth -- if she's not intrigued, it's probably not for her.

Sarah, hope all went smoothly with your son's birth, even though it came earlier than you expected.

I am so moved and inspired by your post. I am having a homebirth in March, my first, though this will be my third child. I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to my birth experience this time rather than dreading it. Just the very thought of having this baby at home, where I am most comfortable, with no one around me but those I choose to have there, fills me with such peace. Thank you so much for posting your story!

I enjoyed reading the story of Joe's birth. My first and second children were born at home, and it *was* a glorious experience. Second two were hospital born, and while it was still wonderful, it was just so much less...sacred. (Might I add that Pitocin is EVIL!)
By the way, I too think pushing is DREADFUL. But, that last fruitful push is just so satisfying. The relief is immense!

I tried to have a homebirth with my second, after a cesarean (yes, people do that, and not just crazy ones. I researched my brains out in preparation and was very close to a hospital with 24 hr. OB and anesthesia availability.) I did get in a good amount of hard labor before there was a complication and we had to transfer (not an immediate cesarean sort of thing, but I did end up with one.) The laboring at home part was actually a really good experience, though the contractions were pretty agonizing toward the end, and I'd love to do it again, although all things considered probably only after having a hospital VBAC next time.

great to read! i love your writing style.


I had a HBAC with Nancy Wainer as my attending midwife in March. We did need to transfer the baby and it wasn't an emergency situation. He had shoulder dystocia and a large hematoma from pushing. Six days in the NICU left us feeling beaten. It is the joy that you speak of though that resonates with me the most. If more people in this world (hospital staff in particular) realized that homebirth is safe my husband and I wouldn't have been treated the way we were.

That was one of the most beautifully honest things I've ever read.
I will never get the chance for a homebirth myself and to say I am jealous is not even close! my first child I didnt know better and my second I had problems so I couldnt be home... though it turned out the delivery went surprisingly well and in hindsight i think I could have had her at home... live and learn I guess.
anyhow I got here thru "Tigermama" from xanga =)

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