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August 03, 2004


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I've only read one of Laurie Colwin's books (Happy All the Time) and remembering liking, but not loving it -- I've always thought it was sad how she died so young though.

Brownies -- mmm.

I am a fan of Laurie Colwin's cookbooks, too (and have made the Black Cake several times, my advice is about 75 min. in the oven, where on earth does Nigella get FOUR hours? must be a typo)and shared your distress about that novel. After I read it I was surprised at how....slimy I felt. "Not a book to help me in my vocation as Catholic wife and mom", I sniffed. But I was so disappointed...I think you are right about her desire to show a woman having a guilt-free affair in the modern world. But sad, sad. I wonder if Colwin had survived until after 9/11 would her thinking have evolved? By the way Colwin's widower is now remarried to one of her best friends.

and don't forget, the recipe for the brownies came from someone who also had no problem with committing adultery :( I guess it is a case of "spoiling the Egyptians", or in LLL-speak, taking what you can use, and leaving the rest.

Love your blog.

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