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July 16, 2004


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there were no comments to this 2004 beauty of a post? (or maybe you used a different provider & the comments were lost?). When did you start blogging (the old blog), by the way? Sorry for the unbridled curiosity... but maybe it can be blog fodder for the month of November! :)

After this lengthy intro, here's my actual comment to the post.

I don't really feel the same way about beets, but I surely do love you (or, at least your writing, or the you that I can know through the writing ;).

I mean... I didn't even have the words to describe what I am most of the time (not that I didn't know the word or didn't use it, I just never thought of using it to describe myself): earnest.

This? I think I am doomed to earnestness. Periodically I try to suppress it so I can be reserved and cool, but it always sproings forth like an irksome cuckoo from a kitschy clock and causes me to say things like--] "They speak to me of the glory of God."

This is glorious! sproings forth? Is it because we have curly hair that it does? Yeah, I've reconciled myself by now to the idea that I'll never be reserved and cool and witty... I'll just be this earnest girl. And of course you already know I am this way from my lengthy, earnest blog comments! ;) (seriously, now that I'm aware of it I feel even embarrassed. I'm painfully earnest in blog comments. it's ridiculous).

Anyway... I read the paragraph above and I almost cried. And then the rest of the post is just so poetic and beautiful! (sigh). I think I'll skip forward and backward a little bit to enjoy some of these old gems!! :)

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