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My name is Jamie. I am married to the handsome and hilarious math geek known in these pages as Elwood P. Gladly. We have five children, who range in age from 27 to 15. (Yes, we're Catholic.)

I started this blog in October 2006, a couple of months into a doctoral program. (I used to write as CJ, which is why you may run across it in older posts or comments.) These days I'm a tenured professor in an allied health program. My archives also include some posts from an older blog, which is you'll find some bits and pieces from '04 and '05.

Why "most gladly"? That's why.

Why "light and momentary"? Same book, different chapter.

Why did I decide to complete a doctoral program with four five kids? Burning curiosity about my research question, plus a teeny masochistic streak.


Baking, Dickens, running for novices, folk music, and the impact of early fatty acid intake on neurodevelopment. also a painless strategy for keeping four five kids in matching (or at least matching-ish) socks through a Midwestern winter.