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November 06, 2014


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:-( It's a truly annoying problem and I have it very big in my "disaster class" as I'm calling it. I haven't had a disaster class since I taught English to "primary" school kids in Brazil back before I was married (20+ years ago). :-( Haven't had the heart to blog this particular situation yet, maybe I won't.

I hope your repeat offender will cease and desist!

what is the consequence to her choice to text? I assume there is some subjectivity to how you grade their work product, and maybe she'll understand the risk she's taking. Classroom humiliation is apparently not sufficient for her to abstain from texting.

In a business setting, I have seen a couple of approaches to this. One was to have a "tip jar." If someone pulls out their mobile device during a meeting they have to put money in the jar. At the end of the meeting (maybe it's a 3 day conference) a small party is held using the money in the jar. Maybe that would be a low-key and fun way to discourage texting, although even then I don't know how you *make" her put money in a jar.

The other more successful approach is to hold the meeting in a room where there is zero broadband signal.

I read a sign on a classroom wall (or perhaps in was an internet post) that stated:

I know when you are texting.
No one looks down at his crotch and smiles.

Melissa Wiley posted a link to this the other day: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2014/09/25/why-a-leading-professor-of-new-media-just-banned-technology-use-in-class/?wpisrc=nl-most&wpmm=1. Your experience reminded me of it. I'm so glad I finished my degrees right before the ubiquitous use of devices. I find them so distracting that it would have driven me nuts to be surrounded by them in classes all the time. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my computer and I have gotten so many positives things from being online but having devices in class constantly would have affected my education negatively. I hope you have some success getting your point across to your student.

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