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January 07, 2013


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In the last nine months I've slacked a lot about meals and serving vegetables has slunk to a lower priority than I like. In general my kids aren't too bad. The only one that is really picky is the three-year-old, but I'd like all of them to be ore receptive to new foods and to eat a broader ranger of fruits and vegetables. What are the specific suggestions the book offers to combat picky eating? Is it a book that's worth picking up and reading?

Melanie, there are a lot of ideas in the book but none of it is rocket-science-y. I do think it's worth checking out of the library. I especially appreciated the thoughts on curbing snacks so kids come to the table hungry, emphasizing variety, and using gentle peer pressure (from kids, not adults) to expand kids' horizons.

Funny, I was just talking about this book! Which I haven't read yet--not beyond the Kindle sample--but have been wanting to, having been fascinated, recently, by the food sections of Bringing Up Bebe. Made me wish I could start the whole enterprise over from scratch.

I love your boot camp plan. Looking forward to hearing more.

I'm trying to be more deliberate about snacks. I don't care what French kids do, my kids can't go between meals without snacking unless we all want to lose our minds. So I do a morning snack and afternoon tea + snack. I try to make the snack healthy and substantial enough so that they don't complain 10 minutes later that they're hungry. My kids are eaters, though. They eat and eat and eat and aren't fussy as long as it's enough.

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